Each of these designs can be customized by adding a name or phrase of your choice.  *Fonts are not included.  The sign is the only area appliqued, using a blanket stitch.  Remainder uses a bean stitch.


Perfect for those with custom embroidery card projects.


Embroidery Designs Sizes



3.00"W X 2.79"H 1968 stitches

3.50"W X 3.26"H 2242 stitches

3.70"W X 3.44"H 2304 stitches

4.00"W X 3.72"H 2451 stitches

4.50"W X 4.19"H 2737 stitches

5.00"W X 4.65"H 2981 stitches

5.50"W X 5.12"H 3265 stitches

6.00"W X 5.58"H 3523 stitches

6.50"W X 6.05"H 3797 stitches

7.00"W X 6.51"H 4056 stitches

7.50"W X 6.98"H 4364 stitches



3.00"W X 2.67"H 2255 stitches
3.50"W X 3.11"H 2534 stitches
3.70"W X 3.28"H 2631 stitches
4.00"W X 3.56"H 2813 stitches
4.50"W X 4.00"H 3137 stitches
5.00"W X 4.44"H 3389 stitches
5.50"W X 4.89"H 3682 stitches
6.00"W X 5.33"H 3930 stitches
6.50"W X 5.78"H 4216 stitches
7.00"W X 6.22"H 4488 stitches
7.50"W X 6.67"H 4790 stitches



3.00"W X 2.98"H 2222 stitches

3.50"W X 3.48"H 2545 stitches

3.70"W X 3.67"H 2673 stitches

4.00"W X 3.98"H 2844 stitches

4.50"W X 4.47"H 3105 stitches

5.00"W X 4.96"H 3437 stitches

5.50"W X 5.46"H 3640 stitches

6.00"W X 5.96"H 3940 stitches

6.50"W X 6.46"H 4270 stitches

7.00"W X 6.96"H 4531 stitches

7.50"W X 7.46"H 4803 stitches



2.74"W X 3.00"H 2127 stitches
3.20"W X 3.50"H 2330 stitches
3.38"W X 3.70"H 2570 stitches
3.65"W X 4.00"H 2568 stitches
4.11"W X 4.50"H 2940 stitches
4.57"W X 5.00"H 3195 stitches
5.03"W X 5.50"H 3431 stitches
5.48"W X 6.00"H 3670 stitches
5.94"W X 6.50"H 3910 stitches
6.40"W X 7.00"H 4039 stitches
6.85"W X 7.50"H 4453 stitches



3.00"W X 2.77"H 2075 stitches
3.50"W X 3.23"H 2419 stitches
3.70"W X 3.43"H 2588 stitches
4.00"W X 3.70"H 2716 stitches
4.50"W X 4.17"H 2992 stitches
5.00"W X 4.62"H 3297 stitches
5.50"W X 5.08"H 3632 stitches
6.00"W X 5.54"H 3838 stitches
6.50"W X 6.01"H 4114 stitches
7.00"W X 6.46"H 4492 stitches
7.50"W X 6.92"H 4731 stitches



3.00"W X 2.73"H 1554 stitches
3.50"W X 3.19"H 1777 stitches
3.70"W X 3.37"H 1858 stitches
4.00"W X 3.64"H 1987 stitches
4.50"W X 4.09"H 2166 stitches
5.00"W X 4.55"H 2391 stitches
5.50"W X 5.01"H 2589 stitches
6.00"W X 5.46"H 2770 stitches
6.50"W X 5.92"H 2990 stitches
7.00"W X 6.37"H 3199 stitches
7.50"W X 6.83"H 3361 stitches



3.00"W X 2.25"H 1774 stitches
3.50"W X 2.63"H 2013 stitches
3.70"W X 2.77"H 2068 stitches
4.00"W X 3.00"H 2214 stitches
4.50"W X 3.38"H 2413 stitches
5.00"W X 3.75"H 2650 stitches
5.50"W X 4.13"H 2849 stitches
6.00"W X 4.50"H 3093 stitches
6.50"W X 4.88"H 3310 stitches
7.00"W X 5.25"H 3534 stitches
7.50"W X 5.63"H 3705 stitches



3.00"W X 2.73"H 1554 stitches
3.50"W X 3.08"H 2129 stitches
3.70"W X 3.25"H 2222 stitches
4.00"W X 3.51"H 2386 stitches
4.50"W X 3.95"H 2642 stitches
5.00"W X 4.40"H 2885 stitches
5.50"W X 4.84"H 3156 stitches
6.00"W X 5.28"H 3438 stitches
6.50"W X 5.70"H 3692 stitches
7.00"W X 6.15"H 3962 stitches
7.50"W X 6.59"H 4289 stitches



3.00"W X 2.71"H 1865 stitches
3.50"W X 3.16"H 2050 stitches
3.70"W X 3.35"H 2172 stitches
4.00"W X 3.61"H 2306 stitches
4.50"W X 4.07"H 2534 stitches
5.00"W X 4.52"H 2764 stitches
5.50"W X 4.97"H 3027 stitches
6.00"W X 5.42"H 3210 stitches
6.50"W X 5.87"H 3458 stitches
7.00"W X 6.33"H 3642 stitches
7.50"W X 6.78"H 3899 stitches


Your download files will contain all formats and sizes as described below and will contain the color sequence, color chart and placement guide.

Animal signs

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