Both the bride and the groom silhouettes are available in a wide range of sizes and come as a set.


Embroidery Design Sizes


Bride Silhouette

0.83"W X 2.00"H 1830 stitches
1.03"W X 2.50"H 2621 stitches
1.23"W X 3.00"H 3525 stitches
1.43"W X 3.50"H 4618 stitches
1.63"W X 4.00"H 5710 stitches
1.83"W X 4.50"H 7072 stitches
2.03"W X 5.00"H 8569 stitches
2.23"W X 5.50"H 9982 stitches
2.43"W X 6.00"H 11722 stitches
2.64"W X 6.50"H 13603 stitches


Groom Silhouette

0.83"W X 2.00"H 1830 stitches
0.85"W X 2.50"H 2823 stitches
1.01"W X 3.00"H 3817 stitches
1.19"W X 3.50"H 4860 stitches
1.34"W X 4.00"H 6033 stitches
1.51"W X 4.50"H 7327 stitches
1.68"W X 5.00"H 8729 stitches
1.84"W X 5.50"H 10199 stitches
2.01"W X 6.00"H 11866 stitches
2.17"W X 6.50"H 13559 stitches


Your download files will contain all formats and sizes as described and will contain the color sequence, color chart and placement guide.

Bride and Groom Silhouettes

SKU: Bride-Groom
  • Machine embroidery formats available

    In your .zip file download you will find all of these file formats.
    You can open files with the following types of extensions: .pes, .jef, .jef+, .pec, .hus, .dst, .xxx, .vip, .vp3, and .exp

  • Designers

    Graphic design by PrettyGrafik
    Digitizing by EmbroidDesigns