Embroidery Design Sizes


3.50"W X 3.48"H 10282 stitches
3.70"W X 3.67"H 10879 stitches
4.00"W X 3.98"H 11560 stitches
4.50"W X 4.47"H 12695 stitches
5.00"W X 4.97"H 14005 stitches
5.50"W X 5.47"H 15337 stitches
6.00"W X 5.96"H 16821 stitches
6.50"W X 6.46"H 17951 stitches
7.00"W X 6.95"H 19184 stitches
7.50"W X 7.45"H 20421 stitches


Your download files will contain all formats and sizes as described and will contain the color 
sequence, color chart and placement guide.

Cats Like Potato Chips

SKU: B093414
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    These file formats are all included in the .zip file you download from our site.
    The file types include .pes, .jef, .jef+, .pec,.hus, .dst, .xxx, .vip, .vp3, and .exp

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