Embroidery Designs Sizes


❤Mouse with Mixing Bowl
3.70"W X 2.68"H 6424 stitches
4.00"W X 2.90"H 6993 stitches
4.50"W X 3.26"H 7686 stitches
5.00"W X 3.62"H 8508 stitches
5.50"W X 3.98"H 9337 stitches
6.00"W X 4.34"H 10011 stitches
6.50"W X 4.70"H 10707 stitches
7.00"W X 5.06"H 11338 stitches
7.50"W X 5.41"H 11956 stitches
❤Mouse with Cupcake    
3.70"W X 3.64"H 6443 stitches
4.00"W X 3.94"H 6834 stitches
4.50"W X 4.43"H 7562 stitches
5.00"W X 4.92"H 8235 stitches
5.50"W X 4.92"H 8803 stitches
6.00"W X 5.89"H 9408 stitches
6.50"W X 6.39"H 10047 stitches
7.00"W X 6.88"H 10704 stitches
7.50"W X 7.37"H 11347 stitches
❤Mouse with Spoon    
3.70"W X 3.50"H 6134 stitches
4.00"W X 3.78"H 6582 stitches
4.50"W X 4.26"H 7264 stitches
5.00"W X 4.73"H 7928 stitches
5.50"W X 5.20"H 8637 stitches
6.00"W X 5.66"H 9333 stitches
6.50"W X 6.14"H 9955 stitches
7.00"W X 6.61"H 10531 stitches
7.50"W X 7.08"H 11254 stitches


❤Mouse dreaming    
3.70"W X 2.71"H 6200 stitches
4.00"W X 2.92"H 6663 stitches
4.50"W X 3.30"H 7511 stitches
5.00"W X 3.66"H 8194 stitches
5.50"W X 4.03"H 8872 stitches
6.00"W X 4.40"H 9649 stitches
6.50"W X 4.77"H 10354 stitches
7.00"W X 5.13"H 10962 stitches
7.50"W X 5.50"H 11625 stitches


❤Mouse with Rolling Pin
3.70"W X 2.65"H 4424 stitches
4.00"W X 2.86"H 4906 stitches
4.50"W X 3.22"H 5426 stitches
5.00"W X 3.66"H 8194 stitches
5.50"W X 3.93"H 6654 stitches
6.00"W X 4.28"H 7226 stitches
6.50"W X 4.64"H 7805 stitches
7.00"W X 5.00"H 8295 stitches
7.50"W X 5.35"H 8803 stitches


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Country kitchen mice

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