Heart Applique Borders
  • Heart Applique Borders

    SKU: 22ED-H07372

    Embroidery Design Sizes


    1.50"W X 3.53"H 380 stitches
    2.00"W X 146"H 501 stitches
    2.50"W X 1.82"H 587 stitches
    3.00"W X 2.18"H 715 stitches
    3.50"W X 2.54"H 818 stitches
    4.00"W X 2.91"H 932 stitches
    4.50"W X 3.28"H 1033 stitches
    5.00"W X 3.65"H 1148 stitches
    5.50"W X 4.01"H 1249 stitches
    6.00"W X 4.37"H 1364 stitches
    6.50"W X 4.74"H 1456 stitches
    7.00"W X 5.10"H 1563 stitches
    7.50"W X 5.46"H 1672 stitches
    1.50"W X 1.46"H 384 stitches
    2.00"W X 1.96"H 496 stitches
    2.50"W X 2.45"H 594 stitches
    3.00"W X 2.94"H 730 stitches
    3.50"W X 3.43"H 837 stitches
    4.00"W X 3.92"H 928 stitches
    4.50"W X 4.41"H 1042 stitches
    5.00"W X 4.89"H 1144 stitches
    5.50"W X 5.39"H 1266 stitches
    6.00"W X 5.88"H 1372 stitches
    6.50"W X 6.38"H 1470 stitches
    7.00"W X 6.86"H 1598 stitches
    7.50"W X 7.35"H 1700 stitches
    1.50"W X 1.26"H 356 stitches
    2.00"W X 1.67"H 472 stitches
    2.50"W X 2.09"H 568 stitches
    3.00"W X 2.51"H 668 stitches
    3.50"W X 2.93"H 770 stitches
    4.00"W X 3.35"H 880 stitches
    4.50"W X 3.77"H 978 stitches
    5.00"W X 4.19"H 1074 stitches
    5.50"W X 4.61"H 1172 stitches
    6.00"W X 5.03"H 1268 stitches
    6.50"W X 5.44"H 1372 stitches
    7.00"W X 5.87"H 1490 stitches
    7.50"W X 6.28"H 1590 stitches


    As described, your download file will contain all formats, as well as the color sequence, color chart, and placement guide.


    Commercial use license


    YOU MAY:

    Use our embroidery designs on physical items that you sell;

    Give credit to EmbroidDesigns, but not required.



    Use our designs in mass production of more than 500 uses/ copies;

    Share, copy, trade, modify, alter or resell any of our digital files;

    Use our files to create digital files in ALL other formats.


    This is a digital machine embroidery design.  In order to use this design, you must have an embroidery machine with the appropriate software and/or media.


    In my store you can find a collection of embroidery designs I digitize and I always take the time to make an embroidery design that is of high quality.  Let me know if you encounter any problems while using my embroidery designs.


    It is not recommended to resize or edit the design, and it cannot be guaranteed that the quality of the design will remain the same.


    Due to the nature of the digital download sale, I am unable to offer refunds.

    • Embroidery file formats:

      These file formats are all included in the .zip file downloaded from our site.
      The file types include .pes, .jef, .jef+, .pec,.hus, .dst, .xxx, .vip, .vp3, and .exp

    • Designer Information

      Digitizing and Graphic design by EmbroidDesigns