You get all 6 designs above as a set. Need ears to add to letters, these are perfect for the job. Design elements.


Embroidery Designs Sizes


❤Fox Ears
2.00"W X 0.85"H 1496 stitches
1.50"W X 0.63"H 1017 stitches
1.00"W X 0.42"H 632 stitches


❤Giraffe Ears
2.00"W X 1.21"H 1611 stitches
1.50"W X 0.91"H 1097 stitches
1.00"W X 0.61"H 699 stitches


❤Dog Ears
2.00"W X 0.80"H 1869 stitches
1.50"W X 0.61"H 1219 stitches
1.00"W X 0.42"H 708 stitches


❤Deer Ears
2.00"W X 1.08"H 1897 stitches
1.50"W X 0.81"H 1484 stitches
1.00"W X 0.55"H 1017 stitches


❤Cat Ears
2.00"W X 0.88"H 1395 stitches
1.50"W X 0.66"H 950 stitches
1.00"W X 0.44"H 563 stitches


❤Bunny Ears
2.00"W X 1.48"H 2192 stitches
1.50"W X 1.12"H 1465 stitches
1.00"W X 0.74"H 822 stitches


Your download files will contain all formats and sizes as described below and will contain the color sequence, color chart and placement guide.

Mini animal ears

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