Embroidery Design Sizes


❤Filled Stitch
1.58"W X 2.00"H 5688 stitches
1.97"W X 2.50"H 7794 stitches
2.37"W X 3.00"H 10155 stitches
2.77"W X 3.50"H 13295 stitches
2.92"W X 3.70"H 14623 stitches
3.16"W X 4.00"H 16442 stitches
3.55"W X 4.50"H 19936 stitches
3.94"W X 5.00"H 23768 stitches
2.40"W X 3.00"H 6342 stitches
2.80"W X 3.50"H 7520 stitches
2.95"W X 3.70"H 8004 stitches
3.18"W X 4.00"H 8727 stitches
3.58"W X 4.50"H 10036 stitches
3.97"W X 5.00"H 11464 stitches
4.36"W X 5.50"H 12842 stitches
4.76"W X 6.00"H 14323 stitches
5.16"W X 6.50"H 15911 stitches

Monster Set

SKU: MonsterSet-070517A-M030215
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    The file types include .pes, .jef, .hus, .dst, .xxx, .vip, .vp3, and .exp

  • Design Credits

    Digitizing and Graphic design by EmbroidDesigns