Embroidery Design Sizes


3.70"W X 3.66"H 13838 stitches
4.00"W X 3.96"H 14828 stitches
4.50"W X 4.45"H 16895 stitches
5.00"W X 4.95"H 18827 stitches
5.50"W X 5.44"H 20785 stitches
6.00"W X 5.94"H 22727 stitches
6.50"W X 6.43"H 24627 stitches
7.00"W X 6.93"H 26734 stitches
7.50"W X 7.42"H 29157 stitches

Ocean Breeze

SKU: OB12851
  • Embroidery machine formats

    All of these file formats are included in every .zip file download.
    The file types include .pes, .jef, .hus, .dst, .xxx, .vip, .vp3, and .exp

  • Artist Credits

    Graphic design by Sanqunetti Designs
    Digitizing by EmbroidDesigns